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The Left and Antifa Are The Actual Fascists. Not Those On The Right

Thoughts on the refuse fascism “rally” tomorrow November 4th
The people involved in this “Antifa” movement are really funny to watch. Albeit it is scary to see what they believe and what they actually think they are fighting. 
Tomorrow November 4th supposed “Anti-Fascists” are going to be gathering in big cities all across America to try and bring an end to the “Trump/Pence” regime. I saw posted somewhere that they are going to be wearing “Make America Great Again” hats to either make it seem like it is Trump supporters doing this. Also, they could be doing this in order to “hide” and then they’ll start attacking folks. 
On their website,, it says, “NO! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America.” It’s funny because this is exactly what they ARE fighting for. They are using the same tactics as the Nazi brownshirts, to bring about political mayhem and to beat up people who go against what they believe. Working as a violent arm of the democrats, just li…

Hollywood Strikes Again

It’s a warm summer afternoon. There isn't much to do, except try and stay cool. So you decided that you should go to the movies because they have air conditioning. You look to see what is playing, and your only choices are the next big blockbuster hit, or a movie about a gay transracial religious person trying to make it into the MLB. As you begin to think, “Does Hollywood make any good movies anymore for people that don't just live in LA and NY? Is there anything normal out there to watch?” Well, you end up watching the next big blockbuster superhero movie, which happens to be the new Spider-Man movie. 
Spider-Man it is! 
You make it to your seat in the theater and begin to look forward to escaping the world for a little while. Your problems at work, your family problems, anything you are going through can be forgotten for a few hours while you sit and watch this superhero movie. 
The movie begins and as you start watching it, you begin to be sucked into this world of this young…