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Hollywood Strikes Again

It’s a warm summer afternoon. There isn't much to do, except try and stay cool. So you decided that you should go to the movies because they have air conditioning. You look to see what is playing, and your only choices are the next big blockbuster hit, or a movie about a gay transracial religious person trying to make it into the MLB. As you begin to think, “Does Hollywood make any good movies anymore for people that don't just live in LA and NY? Is there anything normal out there to watch?” Well, you end up watching the next big blockbuster superhero movie, which happens to be the new Spider-Man movie. 

Spider-Man it is! 

You make it to your seat in the theater and begin to look forward to escaping the world for a little while. Your problems at work, your family problems, anything you are going through can be forgotten for a few hours while you sit and watch this superhero movie. 

The movie begins and as you start watching it, you begin to be sucked into this world of this young superhero. He is funny, quirky, and acting like any kid in high school would act if he had some sort of special powers. You think to yourself, “Self, nice job picking this movie. It has some good light hearted humor, along with some good action that all guys like to see.”

But that fun would soon come to an end. Not because the movie was over, but because of another reason. The movie itself. 

Spider-Man is in the middle of a big action scene, trying to rescue this girl he has a crush on (but she doesn't know that he is Spider-Man). He finds himself in Washington D.C. at the Washington Monument, where the girl he has a crush on and some other class mates are celebrating. he suddenly stops at the base of the monument because he sees on of his other classmates. This is where I get completely drawn out of the movie. The friend tells Spider-Man, “You know the Washington Monument was build by slaves.” And they both look at the security guard who is close by who makes a gesture that basically says, “Yeah maybe. But maybe not.” 

Tell me what the point of this is? You are supposed to add things to the movie that help move the story forward, or help reveal something about the plot. If it is something that doesn't really fit in these categories, it should be scrapped. But more and more little lines like this are showing up in movies. They serve no purpose whatsoever other than to preach to the lefty Hollywood base, and further drive away the right wing base. Just live ever type of media that the left is apart of (which is all of it). All the late night shows, while mostly unfunny in general, have just become bastions for left wing “comedians” if you want to call them that.

But back to the issue at hand. Was the Washington Monument in fact build by slaves? Well if the writer or director has access to Google, they could easily find out the answer to that. Truthfully, the facts out there don't really point to any slaves actually working on making the monument. Lots of big complicated equipment was used to make the monument, and that equipment needed specialized workers to operate. The only thing that points to “slaves building the monument” is that there could have been some slaves working in the quarries or mines that the stone came from to make the monument. 

So while the Washington Monument was meant to honor George Washington, the First president and on of America’s founding fathers. It is instead being portrayed as a monument that was built by slaves because America is just a horrible awful place, and the left has to tell everyone about that every chance they get. Makes me sick. 


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