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Average Americans Are Disposable To The Elite (Ep. 211)

An Uplifting Story (Ep. 210)

An Uplifting Story (Ep. 210)
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How To Debate Your Leftist Relatives This Christmas… And Win (Ep. 209)

“What The Heck?! We Love Endless Foreign Wars Now!” -The Democrats (Ep. 208)

Jerry Brown Has A Message To Incoming Democrats (Ep. 207)

Trump Takes A Big Step Forward For School Safety (Ep. 206)

Venezuela Is A Modern Day Example Of What Happens When You Give Up Your Guns. (Ep. 205)

Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional. Leftist Virtue Signal About Migrant Child, Then The Facts Are Reported. (Ep. 204)

Open Border Advocates Love Crime, Drugs And Human Trafficking. It’s That Simple (Ep. 203)

Good News About North Korea & Michael Flynn (Ep. 202)

Trump Drops Hammer On Schumer And Pelosi (Ep. 201)