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Ep. 254 - Losers Upset That Trump Walked, But Yet Offer No Solutions

Ep. 253 - Democrats Salivate Over A Convicted Liar, While Trump Negotiates Peace

Ep. 252 - Democrats: The Party Of Legalized Murder

Ep. 251 - Normal Americans Don't Want The Gov Controlling Every Aspect Of Their Lives

Ep. 250 - Deep State Is Throwing Mueller Under The Bus. Don’t Let Them

Ep. 249 - The Smollett Case Will Show Us Who Actually Has Privilege

Ep. 249 - The Smollett Case Will Show Us Who Actually Has Privilege
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Ep. 248 - The Smollett Saga Is Better Than Any Reality TV Show

Ep. 247 - The Left Cares More About Illegals Than They Do About Actual Citizens

Ep. 246 - The Media Will Never Learn From Its Mistakes

Ep. 235 - Securing The Border Threatens Their Power

Ep. 234 - They Hate You

Ep. 243 - Green New Deal Takes A Big Hit In California

Ep. 242 - They Lie About Their Lies… Then Lie Again

Ep. 241 - The Left Claims To Fight For You, While At The Same Time Destroying Your Life

Ep. 240 - Schiff Has Some Big Problems

Ep. 239 - Make The Left Play By Their Rules

Ep. 238 The Leftist Get Hit Hard Last Night With Trumps SOTU

Ep. 237 - It’s Time For The State Of The Union

Virginia Is Having A Rough Time (Ep. 236)

Ep. - 235 The Radical Left: The Party Of “Protecting Kids,” But Also The Party Of Infanticide? Huh?