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Ep. 296 - What Is The Point Of Anything If The World Will End In 12 Years?

Ep. 295 - This Whole Thing Is A Clown Show

Ep. 294 - “Neo-Nazis And White Nationalists SHOULD BE CONDEMNED TOTALLY” -Trump

Ep. 293 - Did The FISA Court Know They Were Given False Information?

Ep. 292 - How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

Ep. 291 - Democrats Continue To Shoot Themselves In The Foot

Ep. 291 - Democrats Continue To Shoot Themselves In The Foot

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Ep. 290 - What Are The Dems Going To Do About Impeachment?

Ep. 289 - The Deep State Cannot Stop What Is Coming For Them

Ep. 288 - Lefties Don’t Practice What They Preach About Taxes

Ep. 287 - Obama Spied On Trump

Ep. 286 - Tax Day Trash Talk

Ep. 285 - When Did The Spying ACTUALLY Start?!

Ep. 284 - The Media Is Upset Barr Is Telling The Truth About Spying

Ep. 282 - Democrats Are Going To Zero In On Obstruction

Ep. 281- How Did This Whole Investigation Begin?

Ep. 280 - They Will Never Stop

Ep. 279 - Is The Release Of The Mueller Report Going To Backfire On The Democrats?

Ep. 278 - Why Was There A FISA Warrant On Carter Page?

Ep. 277 - People Still Refuse Accept The Results Of The Mueller Report